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Suggested gift for the 24th anniversry is a musical instrument. The catalyst that created the sailboat music box whirly gig from parts saved for fifteen years. The 25th is silver. Tom got a Keith Richards Skull Ring. Irene and Tom received as pair of silver candlesticks.

How to make a soda can into a Tiki Torch

Soda can Tiki torch by Tom Lohre.

You fill up the empty soda can from a measured container; in this case an old tomato can so you leave just about an inch from the top. Cut a regular hurricane flat wick in half lenghtwise two make two torches and while holding it with one half inch sticking out take a large paper clip stretched out with a one eight inch hook in the end and pull out the pushed in tab. Pull it out enough to hold the wick in place and seal the opening. If you drop the wick into the can just pour out the fuel, cut the can open, extract the wick and start over with another soda can.

Forever Guitar

Tom started replaying guitar when he started waiting at the bus stop when his daughter started first grade.He began playing in 1976 when dating a rock star. He will never forget his first guitar. It was a piece of junk but my friend said she had a guitar in the basement of her mother’s home on Long Island so he took the train and brought that guitar back to Greenwich Village where he was living. Tom was dating a rock start while she was creating a record and her producers where Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson. Like a fool Tom brought the guitar to the recording studio and in the foyer Ian was sitting behind the front desk. He took that guitar, twisted a few knobs and made it play like never before.

Tom hammered away for several years trying to get past beginnings then left playing till he started playing a ukulele turned like a guitar at the bus stop. He moved to a Martin Back Packer later and then a Baby Taylor. After meeting Willy Eames in Lexington he noticed he played an old Harmony and went looking for one and found one on Craigslist out of Portland and when it arrived it was in perfect shape. Made in 1953, it had never been played. Eventually the neck started to go south and he took the strings off and left it in the stand for a half a year till he got this bright idea to make an outside truss for it. Because the heel, neck and headstock are one piece maple it was possible to put a turnbuckle attached to aluminum strip between the top of the headstock and the heel and still have enough room to work the fret board. He must admit it is strange playing it but with a straight as an arrow fret board and action as low as it can go so he can’t complain. Can’t wait to put heavy strings on it.

Forever Balloons

Balloons forever for any occasion as long as you can tie a string high up enough to keep them from getting in the way. Each balloon has a clip to seal the end that can be removed and a paper clip through its lip to hang on a string. They are blown up using a wet vacuum with the hose attached to the blower end. Use hose clamps to step down two tubes to make an end that the balloon can attach to. Buy the clips at Party Source. Once the event is over you can deflate the balloon for another time. Here the 200 pound nylon construction string was fed continuous through the basketball loops and tied off on a railing in the bleachers. You can pull the line very tight. About two hundred balloons were used. Many explode while assembling and taking down but you still save a lot unless the students take free samples:(

Forever Flying Dove

The world's greatest paper airplane with a special twist. Tie a bridle as shown and then tie it to a long reed. The dove flies all day and never lands. Click on the plans and then save and print.

Salt Container Guitar

Made by Daddy for Helen's music study in class. Pencil sharpener on a stick to make the pegs. Then wrapped sandpaper around a peg to taper the holes.

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