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Cincinnati Icons
Clifton Cultural Art Center
Lower Lobby
3711 Clifton Ave
Cincinnati, OH, 45220
Opening 7- 9 p.m. Friday, March 6, 2015
Closing Friday, April 3, 2015

Oil pastel on metal,  of two women on a balcony in Clifton on Ludlow by Tom Lohre. Devou Park Shelter House, Covington  Kentucky by To m Lohre.

Balcony, 24" x 20, oil pastel on metal, September 19, 2014

Who are the two women on the balcony above The Om Café? Tom saw them there during CliftonFest 2013. He later slowly assembled the composition. Using his new manner of melting fancy crayons on hot metal he wanted to use a larger canvas eventually going up to 3’ x 4’. Using 19 gauge flashing metal the weight of the sheet will be considerable. For this painting he arranged magnets on his easel to hold the metal as he moved it around a centrally located hot plated adapted to heat only an eight inch circular patch at good working height. The manner lends itself to create perfect works since if changes have to be made the wax is heated up and removed with a cue tip then new color is laid down. Slowly he is increasing his color palette to 325 specially mixed colors. In time he sees an electric drives that move the work around to the place he is working. The manner was initially adapted to paint in hotel rooms without the smell. The next step is to use atmosphere to drive the scene. Tom had been painting scenes with daylight but now sees the advantage to using various dramatic atmospheres to drive the emotion. Auctioned at the 2014 Clifton Community Fund Dinner, Saturday, September 20, 2014

Devou Park, Covington, Kentucky, Shelter House, 20" x 16", oil pastel on metal, September 13, 2014
Tom grew up at the corner on Montague and Breckinridge. He remembers seeing the nightly dances at the shelter house when the juke box would play every night and the cars would line up and drive by. David Mann was a young driving teen at the time. Something happened to stop the impromptu dances for they stopped around 1959. Later, after “The Great Escape” with Steve McQueen, motorcycles would drive over the hills of the park and they put a stop to that.
He remembers every picnic table filled on the weekend. Ball fields were every twelve-hundred feet full of players till well after dusk.
Auctioned off at 2014 FreshArt, Berhringer-Crawford Museum, 1600 Montague Road - Devou Park Covington, KY 41011 859-491-4003

Pencil on canvas, 20" x 24", October 2, 2014
Working drawing of a mother daughter painting where the daughter and mother is Tom's daughter and wife, using a ten year old image morphing into this. The faces will be painted using the principals of face reading, creating the identity of the subjects by making careful notes of the arrangement of the features of the face.


Shelter House Video

2014 Auctions on Everything but the House

Next auction will be in the fall of 2014 of works listed on http://tomlohre.com/auction.htm.

Current works listed on the estate liquidation web site “Everything but the House.”


Archived Items


Melting Wax on Hot Metal Paintings

These paintings are done on a hot plate. Tom heats up a metal canvas and melts fancy crayons on the surface. Sometimes Tom plugs into the street light boxes to power the heating element. A busy body called the police and complained Tom was using City power so they sent two officers to shut him down. Later he found out the Clifton Business and Professional Association owns the sockets so there is no problem using them. He uses a round tray of wax sticks as his palette. The fun part of this technique is you select the color stick and melt it on the surface without going to the palette to reload your brush. This makes for intense work. You are not distracted by changing brushes, mixing color or reloading the brush. The canvas started as aluminum then 30 gauge galvanized duct material, now it is 30 gauge resin coated flashing metal. The heater has magnets so the metal canvas sticks to the surface. You move the metal around to heat only the surface you are working on.

Clifton Gaslight IV, 12" x 16", Oil pastel melted on thirty gauge metal, February 26, 2014 Cincinnati, Ohio by Tom  Lohre

Clifton Gaslight IV, 20” x 16", Oil pastel melted on thirty gauge metal, February 26, 2014
The scene is from Holidays on Ludlow” with the horse drawn carriage picking up passengers in front of Graeter’s Ice Cream. The sky and street are enhanced by rendering them with high key color, each area having many colors from the complete spectrum.

The color wheel palette of oil pastels on a rotating pedestal with values of colors from light to dark.

Ski Bunny, 12" x 16", Oil on 20 gauge metal, January 9, 2014 by Tom Lohre. Telford Avenue III, 20 " x 16", Oil pastel melted on thirty gauge metal, February 2, 2014  by Tom Lohre. Clifton Gaslight III, 12" x 16", Oil pastel melted on thirty gauge metal, February 8, 2014 Cincinnati, Ohio by Tom Lohre.

Ski Bunny, 12" x 16", Oil on 20 gauge metal, January 9, 2014

Telford Avenue III, 20 " x 16", Oil pastel melted on thirty gauge metal, February 2, 2014
The scene was painted from life in the Om Café during the Sunday Jazz brunch. The snow conditions give it a somber mood blotting out most of the detail. Tom’s intention is to paint Clifton Gaslight’s Ludlow Avenue over and over in the tradition of the Parisian masters. The new manner makes this possible by delivering a riveting, alive, work that breaks new ground for an appreciating audience.

Clifton Gaslight III, 12" x 16", Oil pastel melted on thirty gauge metal, February 8, 2014

Finished. Inspired by Edouard Cortez, Eugene Galien-Laloue, Luigi Loir and Jean Beraud. The rough work is the new rough. The color wax sticks melted onto a hot metal is alive even after it cools. In the past Tom relied on the time of day painting in the street to dictate the light and color of the painting but now he needs to give the painting everything it needs. In the past he shied away from dawn or dusk paintings thinking it was kitsch, low-brow style of mass-produced art or design using popular or cultural icons. This new medium wants him paint all the light effects.

SOS ART 2014

A community art show and event of creative expressions for Peace and Justice
Late May into June @The Art Academy of Cincinnati, 1212 Jackson St, downtown Cincinnati

At 11 p.m. Monday, June 18, 2012 fifteen-year-old Africa Hope was killed by a stray bullet at 1700 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. This portrait placed at the site after being in the SOS show.

Winning second place in the juried Golden Ticket Art Show at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center in Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio verified what Tom is experiencing.

Realtor yard signs repainted with a portrait of a gun violence victim placed where they died, provide a positive colorful happy catalyst to solve gun violence. Help a "at Risk" person. Be part of the solution. Apathy is the problem. The signs—revered by community— are everlasting remembrances.

With each sign Tom experiences something like a block buster movie with characters larger than life. He learns about the victim and meets the family. They live larger lives, the highest highs and lowest lows. The portraits are larger than art. Tom becomes a pawn in a complex battle to live in a safe productive world.

Creating a painting against gun violence does not solve the problem. It is the grunt on the ground that solves gun violence. Social networks solve gun violence. Slogans, art, songs and preaching help solve gun violence but it is the grunt on the ground makes the change.

Tom plans on painting at these spots looking for the beautiful. He will befriend the residences and make a change. With everyone stepping up and taking back their streets we can solve this problem.

Many people are working on this problem. Many events draw attention to gun violence. He adds this ongoing project to the battle.

Tom Lohre painted as Ahab in the last chapeter of Moby Dick. Tom Lohre wins second place at the 2012 Golden Ticket Art Show.

Tom Lohre as Parsee, 16” X 20”, Oil on canvas, work in progress

Tom Lohre wins Second Place at the Golden Ticket September 7, 2012 for Earnest Crear, Latex on board, 50” x 19” x 1”, May 15, 2012, 18” x 12” board from a realtor sign painted on both sides an impressionistic portrait of Earnest Crear and placed in metal realtor frame. To be placed at Rockdale Avenue and Knotts Street where Earnest Crear was fatally shot, August 18, 2007. Full story at SOS.htm



Tom talks about his glow-in-the-dark painting.

You Could Paint Your Doodles

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A Family Portrait to Be Cherished Forever

Sketches Over the Years

Tom at the easel.

Irene, 8" x 10", pencil on paper, Christmas 2008

Helen XIV, ink on paper board, 8" x 10", December 25, 2009

Victoria, 11" x 14", charcoal on paper, from five half hour sittings, April 6, 2005

Irene, 8 " x 10", colored pencil paper, from twenty minute sitting, December 25, 1991, available

Matt, 8 " x 10", three color charcoal on paper, from photo

North Atlantic Crossing

Tom in his immersion suit.

At Sea IV, 16" x 12", oil on canvas, October 18, 2010

Portraits Over the Years

Richard T Farmer, Oil on board, 12" x 16", April 18th, 2008, Richard Farmer, Founder & Chairman of the Board of Cintas Corporation spoke at Xavier University on April 18th, 2008 as part of the Distinguished Speakers Series. All were welcome to hear his talk, "10 Important Experiences Over 50 Years in Business. "

Herb Feldman, Oil on canvas, detail

Joan, oil on canvas, 10" x 10", available

Hiroshima mon Amore, Oil on canvas, 1979, available

Rhett Fire & Mel Odem, 5' x 4', oil on canvas, July 1st, 1983

Children's Portraits

Helen, 36" x 40", oil on canvas, painted for the 2006 Tall Stacks Celebration in Cincinnati

Sydney wears a tutu from the Cincinnati Ballet. She is painted as an Ice Fairy in "The Nutcracker."

Your face in a masterpiece Pick any painting in the Cincinnati Art Museum and Tom will paint your face in it. Photo: United Press International 1979.

Animal Portraits

Bucky, 24" x 30", oil on canvas, December 30, 2008

Parrot, 18.5" x 40", oil on board, 1979, available

Fancy, 12" x16", oil on canvas, 1994

Clifton Cow jumping over the Moon in Mount Storm Park, oil on canvas, 2003 More Info

Home Portraits

Bahamian Home, 20" x 16", watercolor on paper, 1995, available

Devou Park Clubhouse, 16" x 12", oil on board, September 21, 2008, available


Art Machines Powered by Man

Click To visit the wacky world of "The Great Tomaso."

The bicycle has itís own colorful propeller and balloons attached to a bar that encircles the driver and passenger. As they ride, many times they leave the ground.

The pushcart is the circus floor for the small Art Machines. , available

The Side Show takes place on top of the pushcart.The art pushcart is made out of light materials and has an awning over the boxís top working surface. The art pushcart will roll on three  large wheels and have fourth leg thatdrops down next to the fourth small wheel, one handle at one end will help push it. The art pushcart will be made so it can roll on the sidewalks. It will be colorfully painted. 

"Artisto" the automata painting machine paints Chad Johnson.

Chad Johnson, 16" x 20", September 2007, Wax on aluminum sheet
This is the second painting done with the Lego robot assistant, "Artisto." The face is a Bengal receiver. The face is set in the mask of a tiger. Tom used strong colors to accent the eight colors available in the robot assisted process.

Irene, 16" x 20", August 2007
The first painting done by "Artisto" using glow in the dark colors makes use of a strong combination of colors for a powerful graphic effect. The sky comes to life in the dark. Two different glow in the dark colors, blue and orange, where used for the background.

Mike Wilger, proprietor of the Visual History Gallery, works with "Artisto."

Shown at
January 2008 at Sitwell's Coffee House, 324 Ludlow Ave., Cincinnati OH 45220
April 18 to May 18, 2008 at Visual History Gallery, 2709 Observatory Ave,
Cincinnati, OH 45208, 513-871-6065

Artisto Paintings in the Show, 2008 Show Brochure, Visual History Gallery

A peek into Tom's Apartment in New York City in 1986.

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View Tom Lohre' locations of paintings painted from life in a larger map. Look forward to more additions.

Everytime I'm Standing Outside, guitar and vocal by Tom Lohre, 1987


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